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PawsOnWeb Content Editor Modules

Login through the password-protected access window to edit copy and photos any time you wish. [Regular updates on sites get high marks from the search engines.]

  • First, it’s easy and we train you - We’re there to help you all the way! 
  • Add or update copy, articles and special promotions any time you want
  • Create links to other pages or other sites
  • Upload and manage photos [automatically resized for the fastest loading times]
  • Manage keywords and phrases. [Basic Search Engine Optimization]
  • Full Tech Support - If it breaks - we fix it! Period.

POW Editor 1 [1–5 Editable Pages] 1,599.00

    Annual cost after first year:
  • 320.00/year  Editor, Hosting & Domain Name
  • 175.00/year  Hosting & Domain Name
  • 16.50/month POW Editor 1


POW Editor 2 [6–10 Editable Pages] 1,999.00

    Annual cost after first year:
  • 475.00/year  Editor, Hosting & Domain Name
  • 175.00/year  Hosting & Domain Name
  • 33.00/month POW Editor 2


POW Editor 3 [11–15 Editable Pages] 2,499.00

    Annual cost after first year:
  • 775.00/year  Editor, Hosting & Domain Name
  • 175.00/year  Hosting & Domain Name
  • 66.00/month POW Editor 3

  • * additional Editor pages are 50.00/page one-time installation



† Entering content in an improper manner as covered in training can compromise PawsOnWeb CMS Modules. If it is determined the malfunction is a result of such action on the client’s part, time to correct the problem is chargeable at our current hourly rates and client is responsible to pay those costs.

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